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Walk Behind Mowers

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Toro Stripe 21" 60V (6.0ah) RWD Headlights 2162177a9adff-e95b-4b85-3266-08dc57f1a1e8

Exmark Equipment

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eXmark RADIUS S 23.5HP KAW FX730  EXRZS730GKA603A3eXmark RADIUS S 23.5HP KAW FX730  EXRZS730GKA603A3
eXmark Lazer X 60" 35HP Kaw FX921V  EXLZX820AKA606Q1eXmark Lazer X 60" 35HP Kaw FX921V  EXLZX820AKA606Q1
eXmark Vertex X 60" Deck Kaw 38.5HP EFI EXVXX999EKA60600
eXmark Lazer S-Series 52" 26.5HP Koh EFI  EXLZS749AKC524A2
eXmark Quest X-Series 48" 24HP Koh 7000  EXQZX735GKC48300

Gravely Equipment

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GRAVELY PRO-TURN Mach 1 60" 31HP KAW FX921V  992515GRAVELY PRO-TURN Mach 1 60" 31HP KAW FX921V  992515
Gravely ZT HD Stealth 60" 24HP Kaw FR730V. 991983Gravely ZT HD Stealth 60" 24HP Kaw FR730V. 991983
Gravely Pro Turn 360 60" Deck 31HP KAW FX921V  992526
Gravely Pro Turn 352 52" Deck 22hp Haw FX691V  992521
Gravely ZT HD 60" Deck 24HP Kaw FR730V  991272
Gravely ZT HD Stealth 52" Deck 23HP KAW FR691V  991271
Gravely ZT HD 52" Deck 23HP Kaw FR691V  991270
Gravely Z Stance 52" Deck 22HP Kaw FS651V  994158
Gravely Z Stance 48" Deck 22HP Kaw FS651V  994159

BadBoy Equipment

Bad Boy Maverick 54" 24HP Kaw FS730  BMR54FS730
Bad Boy Maverick HD 54" Honda Engine  BMH54GXV70Bad Boy Maverick HD 54" Honda Engine  BMH54GXV70
Bad Boy Elite Special Edition 60"  BZS60CXI27
Bad Boy Revolt 36" 22HP KAW FX691  BRV36FX691
Bad Boy Rogue 61" 38.5 KAW FX1000 EFI  BRG61385KA
Bad Boy ZT Avenger 60" 23HP KAW FR691  BAZ60FR691
Bad Boy Push Mower 25" FJ180V Kaw BBY25FJ180
Bad Boy Maverick 60" KAW FS730 BMR60FS730


We understand that quality Lawn Mowing equipment sometimes comes with a hefty price tag. We offer some factory financing options that may be of interest to you today. Fill out or application and we will find the best for you

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What Our Customers Say

Brian Howard


These guys were great, very knowledgeable and helpful even though I wasn't a customer. They shared their knowledge and helped me the best they could knowing that the interaction was not going to result in a sale. When I get ready to purchase the zero turn mower I have wanted forever this will be my first stop.

Adam Bieber


Bought a hedge trimmer here today. They filled it with gas and checked it worked properly before I left. Try that one at the big box store. This is my 8th or 9th machine from here and they are all doing great. Service is awesome and maintenance parts in stock. Awesome place!!!!

Michael Gerrity


I and my children have purchased four pieces of equipment the past five years, and have them serviced here as well. Quality, price, and service are very good! You will not find more knowledgeable, more professional, kinder, friendlier, or patient people than at Sylvania Mower Center. they are the best.