Sylvania Mower Center Holiday Closings

Sylvania Mower Center Holiday Closings

Sylvania Mower Center Holiday Closings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!! First of all let’s talk about when we’re going to be closed over the next two weeks. This year, here are the Days we will NOT be open.

Christmas Closings

Monday December 24th, Tuesday December 25th, and Wednesday December 26th.

New Years Closings

Monday December 31st, Tuesday January 1st and Wednesday January2nd.

With us closed on Sundays, this give us a nice little break to spend time with our families.

On to snow, we have promotion going for both Honda and Toro Snow Blowers. With Honda we are offering 0% for 18 month financing. Along with this promotion, you will also get a $100.00 Visa pre paid card. Nice deal eh? So basically your getting a $100 discount and you can spread the cost over a year and a half.

Toro is offering 0% for 12 Months and a $50.00 Visa Pre Paid Card. So now is the time to take advantage of this great Christmas offer. These snow blowers will look nice next to the Christmas tree and will be ready to move that snow.

Speaking of snow, where the hell is it? Can anyone remember winter weather like we have had the last 5 years. We had more snow last April than we have had this season so far. I know most are Happy that the white stuff is not here, but there are quite a few folks counting on an income source from the snows. I hope we get a nice snow soon.

Lawn mower pricing has gone up. We have seen substantial increases on mowing equipment. These new prices will be in effect January 1st.

On behalf of Nick, Katy and all the folks that hopefully make your business dealings with us a pleasant one, I would like to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and happy New Year.

Thank You for your Business!!

Tom Oswald

by Tom Oswald