New Bad Boy Mower Rollout

New Bad Boy Mower Rollout

New Bad Boy Mower Rollout

To the Bad Boy Mower Nation, Nick and I have returned from The Bad Boy Dealer meeting, this year in Biloxi Mississippi. We had heard that bad Boy was revamping the Outlaw series, and we were blown away but what we saw. Here is a little teaser of what we saw.

We shot some video and are going to have our take on all the new Outlaw models. We will have a separate video for each model, Rebel, Rougue and Renegade. The other big news is Bad Boy is re-introducing their stander. The Revolt will be available this spring in a 48 or 54 inch deck. More about that later.


Our friendly rep, BAD BOY JOE, stopped by to show off the Renegade and Rogue to the troops. The guys and gal’s went banana’s going over these two new units. Here’s a pic of the Outlaw Rogue 61 inch.

New Bad Boy Mower Rollout

This unit is the upgraded Outlaw XP. How do you like that seat. The outlaw Rebel is replacing the Base Outlaw. I’ll have some info on the Rebel, but the big difference between the Rebel and the Rogue is the suspension and the engine size. One thing about Bad Boy, they do not put under power engines on their mowers. Bad Boy has plenty of power options for you.


So we move on to the Outlaw Renegade, which is a new class of Outlaw and a step up from the Rogue. 27 Kawi, 33 EFI Kohler, 33 EFI Yamaha, 35 Kawi and 37 EFI Vanguard horse power engines are available.

New Bad Boy Mower Rollout

Here’s a picture of the new digital control panel.

New Bad Boy Mower Rollout

There are many new features on these mowers and we’ll start to get some of these video’s up on our you tube channel.

SMC You Tube Channel

We’ll have these mowers coming in in January 2019, and are going to have an open house to kick off the new season spring 2019. Have questions? Give us a call. 419.517.8843

That is all for now.

Nordic Snow Plow System for Lawn tractors and Zero Turn Mowers

The Nordic Snow Plow System for Lawn tractors and Zero Turn Mowers is featured in this video. Torothomo shows the capabilities of this plowing system. This system can be mounted on Zero Turn Mowers and Lawn Tractors.The blade comes in 49″ and 64″ sizes which includes the mounting hardware. Made of a durable plastic, it will not rust, leave scrape marks or dig up your grass or landscaping.A great value for the price.

Toro Grandstand Multi force Mower

Welcome to the new 4 Season Toro Grandstand Multi force Mower.

Take a look at Toro’s new Grandstand Mower. The Toro Grandstand Multi Force Mower will offer a variety of hydraulic attachments to make this machine a truly 4 season workhorse. It will cut and bag grass, blow leaves, sweep pavement, plow or blow snow, and spread salt.

This unit should be available in June 2016 and it comes with either a 52″ or a 60″ Turbo Force Deck. The power plant is a 26.5 HP Kohler Command Pro EFI engine. The suspension platform allows for hours of fatigue free mowing.

Hydraulic Kit, LED Kit and all accessories are sold seperatley. Give Torothomo a call at 419-517-8843 to schedule a demo or to acquire more information.