Dorr Street is where it’s at!!!!

Hello Folks, Just want to officially announce that all operations are now at our Dorr St. Location. The address is 5310 and 5314 Dorr Street, Toledo Ohio, 43615. This property is just 1/10th a mile WEST of the Dorr St-Reynolds road intersections on the north side of the road. We now have 4 buildings that line up south to north at our location. That equates to 21,000 sq feet under roof, a absolute necessity for our business to continue to grow. The first building, 5310 Dorr St, which will be home to our sales department is still under construction. We have had difficulty staying on pace with our remodeling schedule, but hopefully soon, this project will be completed. The second building going back, 5314 Dorr St is our service and parts building. This will also serve as our sales center until building 1 is completed. So if you need service on a piece of equipment or you are buying, please drive back to the second building and we will take care of your needs there. We hope you and yours are having a great holiday season. Thank you for your business. Tom Oswald

Sylvania Mower Center IS Moving

To Our Awesome Customers,

Some of you have noticed the for sale/ for lease sign in front of our Holland Sylvania Store. We are Not Going Out Of Business. We simply ran out of room here on Holland Sylvania Rd. So, last year we purchased the property at 5310, 5312 and 5314 Dorr St. Last November we moved the Service Department over, in February we moved our Parts Department over but decided to wait to move the Sales Department over until after the selling season. This was advantageous for it allowed us to inform many of you first hand of what had happened and what is about to happen.

We expect the Sales Department to be moved over to Dorr St by the end of October, HOPEFULLY. So for those who do not know, as of Today, Parts and Service functions for the Sylvania Mower Center is residing at 5314 Dorr St., the second building back. This address id just a little west of Reynolds Rd. The Sales Department will follow shortly to 5310 Dorr, the first building on the street.

Thank You for your understanding and your continued support of our business.




Nick and Tom Oswald


Sylvania Mower Center