Honda ONE DAY Tax Free Day

Honda Tax Free Day

Honda ONE DAY Tax Free Day
Hi Everyone,

This Saturday we are going to have a Honda Tax Free Day. What this means is we are going to pay your sales tax on a purchase of an in stock Honda product. So let’s say you need a Honda Generator. You have your eye on the EU3000. The purchase price normally would be $1999 plus tax for an out the door price of $2143.93. Not so fast my friends. This Saturday, we are going to pay your sales tax for you. That EU3000 you want is going to be $1999 out the door saving you $144.93.

So back to the details. What products does the sale cover. First and foremost, it is for products in stock. So here is a list of Eligible Products.

Honda Generators
Honda Walk Behind Mowers
Honda Snow Blowers
Honda Water Pumps
Honda Tillers and Trimmers

This is a one day sale Saturday October 28th 2018. Please call us for details and availability of products. One note, We do not have any Honda HRX mowers in stock. Honda is changing some features, like the engine and are not available until early spring.