Sylvania Mower Center Black Friday Sale

Sylvania Mower Center Black Friday Sale

Sylvania Mower Center Black Friday Sale
Friday November 23rd 2018

We want to kick off the Holidays with a bang. It’s our first Black Friday sale and we’re out to make it an annual tradition. All in stock inventory will be 10% off. That’s right, 10% off. All Snow Blowers, Walk Behind Mowers, Generators, Zero Turn Mowers, Lawn Tractors, Echo hand held equipment will be 10% off.

We are only going to open from 10am to 3pm for sales. NO EXCEPTIONS.

This is the time to save big on a holiday gift or with a piece of equipment that you were looking for an end of season deal. Call us for details.

Honda ONE DAY Tax Free Day

Honda Tax Free Day

Honda ONE DAY Tax Free Day
Hi Everyone,

This Saturday we are going to have a Honda Tax Free Day. What this means is we are going to pay your sales tax on a purchase of an in stock Honda product. So let’s say you need a Honda Generator. You have your eye on the EU3000. The purchase price normally would be $1999 plus tax for an out the door price of $2143.93. Not so fast my friends. This Saturday, we are going to pay your sales tax for you. That EU3000 you want is going to be $1999 out the door saving you $144.93.

So back to the details. What products does the sale cover. First and foremost, it is for products in stock. So here is a list of Eligible Products.

Honda Generators
Honda Walk Behind Mowers
Honda Snow Blowers
Honda Water Pumps
Honda Tillers and Trimmers

This is a one day sale Saturday October 28th 2018. Please call us for details and availability of products. One note, We do not have any Honda HRX mowers in stock. Honda is changing some features, like the engine and are not available until early spring.

Dorr Street is where it’s at!!!!

Hello Folks,

Just want to officially announce that all operations are now at our Dorr St. Location. The address is 5310 and 5314 Dorr Street, Toledo Ohio, 43615. This property is just 1/10th a mile WEST of the Dorr St-Reynolds road intersections on the north side of the road.

We now have 4 buildings that line up south to north at our location. That equates to 21,000 sq feet under roof, a absolute necessity for our business to continue to grow.

The first building, 5310 Dorr St, which will be home to our sales department is still under construction. We have had difficulty staying on pace with our remodeling schedule, but hopefully soon, this project will be completed.

The second building going back, 5314 Dorr St is our service and parts building. This will also serve as our sales center until building 1 is completed. So if you need service on a piece of equipment or you are buying, please drive back to the second building and we will take care of your needs there.

We hope you and yours are having a great holiday season. Thank you for your business.

Tom Oswald