Friday 04.19.2019 Update

Friday 04.19.2019 Update

Hi Folks,

First of all because of the crappy weather there will be NO ride and buy outing tomorrow. The showroom will be open from 10am to 2pm tomorrow 04/20/2019.

Honda has started a promotion for HRR and HRX models. HRR models are $20 and $30 off, depending on the model. There are also extending the warranty from 3 years to 4 years. The HRX models will now have a 6 year warranty, nice. This promotion runs until July 17th. Honda is running a 0% for 12 month financing option through Citi bank for purchases over $500.

Toro has started their Toro Days promotion, which runs through May 1st. So Recyclers that we carry are $20 off, Super recyclers are $50 off, TimeMasters are $100.00 off, Timecutter HD models are $300 off. If your looking for bigger ZTR’s Titan 2000 models are $300 off. For our commercial equipment aficionados, Most Grandstand’s, Zmaster 3000, 5000 and 6000 series are $500.00 Off.

Toro through Citi Bank is offering 0% for 12 months and a $200 Visa Pre-Paid card for purchases over $2000.00.

We have multiple financing options for everyone purchasing equipment over $500.00.

Thant’s it for now.

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Dorr Street is where it’s at!!!!

Hello Folks, Just want to officially announce that all operations are now at our Dorr St. Location. The address is 5310 and 5314 Dorr Street, Toledo Ohio, 43615. This property is just 1/10th a mile WEST of the Dorr St-Reynolds road intersections on the north side of the road. We now have 4 buildings that line up south to north at our location. That equates to 21,000 sq feet under roof, a absolute necessity for our business to continue to grow. The first building, 5310 Dorr St, which will be home to our sales department is still under construction. We have had difficulty staying on pace with our remodeling schedule, but hopefully soon, this project will be completed. The second building going back, 5314 Dorr St is our service and parts building. This will also serve as our sales center until building 1 is completed. So if you need service on a piece of equipment or you are buying, please drive back to the second building and we will take care of your needs there. We hope you and yours are having a great holiday season. Thank you for your business. Tom Oswald